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Even as cars become increasingly sophisticated, motor oil remains the engine’s lifeblood, and caring for this fluid is vital. Fortunately, this is a rather simple task and JT Auto can help. Check out our types of Oil Changes below.

We live in an area with very hot summers, so full synthetic motor oil is your best bet. Full synthetic oil costs more than conventional oil, but it’s better in the long run for your engine. For the life of your car, the money you spend on full synthetic motor oil can pay for itself in lower maintenance costs by preventing major problems later on.

The combination of conventional and synthetic oils produces synthetic blend oil. It works similarly to conventional oils, but the addition of synthetics gives better protection to your vehicle’s engine. This gives drivers a lower-cost alternative to full synthetic motor oils while having a higher grade than conventional varieties.
The additives in synthetic motor oil provide better engine protection against corrosion and rusting from water contamination, among other effects of engine wear. Synthetics are ideal for high-performance engines and those who tack on a lot of miles on their vehicle.

High-mileage engine oils have additives and ingredients that help take care of older engines with 75,000 miles or more. Conditioners, seal swells, antioxidants, detergents, and wear friction additives help prevent major engine breakdowns and car maintenance problems in older cars.

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