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Just like the dealership, we offer full-service, factory-recommended maintenance based on your manufacturer’s specifications and mileage intervals – but we do it at a lower cost and with the friendly, personalized service you’ve come to expect at JT Auto.

Your dealership can, and will, deny a warranty claim for major engine or transmission failures if the factory recommended services have not been followed. This includes following the correct service category recommendations. It is also illegal for the manufacturer to deny a warranty if the proper services have been performed by independent repair facilities. The dealership would like you to believe that your warranty requires them to do your maintenance services but that is simply not true. You can even perform the services yourself and keep your warranty in effect by saving the receipts for the products purchased and installed.

Every vehicle’s needs are different, especially when you factor in things like your driving routine, habits, and your car’s age. At your 15K, 30K, 60K, & 90K mile service, our ASE-certified technicians will give your vehicle a thorough inspection, recommend replacement of any parts or components that are becoming worn, and address any systems as recommended by the manufacturer. While all of the service intervals are important, many manufacturers require the 30K service to keep your warranty intact.

We perform the tune-up services you need to ensure your vehicle will last a long time. Your vehicle requires regular scheduled maintenance to keep running in tip-top condition. We work on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles.

Failure to maintain the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule may void your warranty. JT Auto has the knowledge and expertise to perform all your Factory Scheduled Maintenance while keeping compliant with warranty specifications. See your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s recommendations, or visit JT Auto and save big compared to taking your car to the dealership for costly repairs!

Is your check engine light on? If so, bring your vehicle to JT Auto for computer diagnostic testing to get to the bottom of what your vehicle’s issue is. Ignition timing issues, engine sludge buildup, dirty air control valves, engine RPM levels, air and coolant temperatures, crankshaft and camshaft positions, engine and chassis problems, ABS brake problems, and more.

No one likes to see the check engine symbol illuminated on their dashboard. Trust the professionals here at JT Auto to hook up your vehicle to our computer diagnostics and find the source of your problem.

Have a professional technician bring your car’s A/C system back to peak performance and beat the summer heat. Our ASE-certified technicians will ensure proper A/C system levels through environmentally safe recovery and recharging your system to specifications. JT Auto can do it all using computer-aided diagnostics to make sure your vehicle is ready for all weather conditions.

Refrigerant charging, temperature sensor calibrations, belts and hoses, cooling system services, fluid level checks, heater repairs.

JT Auto can diagnosis and repair your brake and suspension systems on all types of vehicles. We have the latest testing equipment necessary to properly service sophisticated systems found in today’s vehicles. We have the experience and know how to solve brake and suspension related problems and make necessary recommendations.

Your brakes & Suspension are an important part of your safety while on the road. Keep you and your passengers safe by ensuring your brakes are in great working condition with help from the mechanics at JT Auto.

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